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The Artists Residency

The idea: Every year, invite artists from all backgrounds whose work we love to come live and work on a project at La Madeleine Arles, for the time they need;

Encourage the articulation of projects with the territory. This can take multiple forms: working with raw materials or local know-how; a project which is based on a history, a culture, a custom, an ecosystem, a community specific to the city of Arles and its environment, etc.;

Create bridges with citizens young and old through workshop visits, workshops, etc.


Through the association Les Ateliers de La Madeleine, we provide artists with both accommodation and an independent work studio, and we support them according to their needs throughout their residency.

March 29 to April 6, 2024

Return of residences Les Ateliers de la Madeleine & Thalie Foundation

Fondation Thalie – 34 rue de l'amphithéâtre - 13200 Arles

Opening Thursday March 28 6-9 p.m.

We invite you to report on the projects carried out as part of a joint residency between Les Ateliers de la Madeleine and the Thalie Foundation. The artists invited last fall are  Elise Peroi, Alice Guittard & Mathilde Rouiller, and Jeanne Tresvaux du Fraval. 

Elise was installed at the foot of the arenas at the Thalie Foundation while Jeanne, Alice and Mathilde had invested The Madeleine Workshops. Each of them was able to delve into the history and geography of the region, weave links between stories and landscapes, appropriate, to better reinterpret them, the trades, architectures, traditions, plants and minerals. 

The works presented are the result of privileged meetings with a community of artisans from the region who have generously engaged in this multi-handed work. 

The Ateliers de la Madeleine and the Thalie Foundation are very happy to share with you this spring harvest and to present these new works inspired by the Arlesian and Provençal territory, the result of both personal and collective research.

Compo Photos 4 artistes_1920x734.jpg

Fall-Winter 2023/2024

Art & creative residency Job art anchored in the Arlesian and Provençal territory

Les Ateliers de La Madeleine are delighted to welcome in residence:

Post_Lauréats Projet Automne 2023_ALICE&MATHILDE_1.jpg

“In spring you eat autumn”

During their residency at the Madeleine, Alice Guittard and Mathilde Rouiller envisaged the meeting of their two practices around an installation-performance. There they invent culinary gestures which shape spaces where different temporalities, the times of the living and the mineral, mix. Created in the fall of 2023, the sculpture will hibernate throughout the winter at La Madeleine in order to be activated in the spring of 2024.

Jeanne Tresvaux du Fraval

“An ordinary unboxing”

From different archives, Jeanne will develop an inventory of craft objects in the Arles region. The project was to think about a display device, a collection of pieces that allows you to present, organize and store. Equipment like a merchant's kit that opens and deploys in space. All the pieces will be made with local know-how and materials.

Alice Guittard & Mathilde Rouiller

JTdF 1.heic

The artists were selected, following a call for projects, by a selection committee composed of

Nathalie Guiot – Founder and President of the Thalie Foundation, author, editor and curator;

Guillaume Mansart – Responsible for PACA Artists’ Documents and independent critic;

Véronique Pieyre de Mandiarges – Member of the Bureau of Open Doors on Art and Friends of Fine Arts of Paris;

Clément Postec – Visual arts advisor at Ateliers Médicis.

A residence designed in complicity with the Thalie Foundation in Arles which will host the residency restitution exhibition.


A residency made possible thanks to the valuable support of:


July-August 2023

Exhibition "NATURE KNOWS"- Rune Guneriussen

in collaboration with the Melanie Rio gallery


On the occasion of the Rencontres d’Arles, Les Ateliers de La Madeleine Arles and the Melanie Rio Fluency gallery are joining forces to present the latest work of Norwegian photographer Rune Guneriussen.
Centered on his relationship with nature and the effects of climate change that he has observed in twenty years of practice, his latest project combines the creation of sculptures in reclaimed wood and the use of light. Large format camera photography is the only witness to his ephemeral installations.

Exhibition open all summer by appointment.

Opening day and lunch on the grass on Wednesday July 5, 2023 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

December 10 to 24, 2022

L’Interstice Gallery – 45, rue du 4-september, Arles

Regala Gallery – 12, place de la Cour, Arles

At the end of the residency program of Georgina Maxim and Clémence Vazard, Les Ateliers de La Madeleine are invited by Galerie Regala and L’Interstice to present the works created during the residency. A simultaneous double exhibition was then planned in the two galleries in order to present the artists and the program of the Ateliers de La Madeleine to Arlésiennes, coming to them, on the other side of the Rhône, registering for two weeks at the center from the city.

EchoMakoo_Visuel seul avec texte.jpg

Text of the exhibition

It's been two months since Clémence Vazard and Georgina Maxim met, and they work side by side, each in their studio at the Ateliers de La Madeleine, facing each other with interest and caring attention to their respective works. Of the same generation but originating from different countries, cultures, languages, traditions, nourished by varied influences, they have gradually given a central place to textiles as a binder and framework for the narration of the stories that they write in their works. Stories of women, often, nourished by intimate stories and personal energies that they know how to listen to, capture and transform to restore them with even more power and resonance.

Echo. Makoo in Shona, Georgina Maxim's mother tongue. A word that sounds obvious when presenting the work of these two artists who resonate with past stories by anchoring them in the present; who create echoes between varied stories which intertwine in the threads of their works, syncretisms of personal stories and cultural or even cult traditions; echo of their practices and their artistic universes which, while being profoundly singular and different, resonate with each other in a natural and obvious way.

Echo finally of the same common exhibition in two places, one responding to the other, and vice versa, in a fluid back and forth between the two spaces, thus only increasing this sensation of permanent dialogue between two artists, who a priori, nothing linked.

IMG_1156 copie.JPG
IMG_1135 copie.JPG

Double exhibition of works restitution

by Georgina Maxim & Clemence Vazard


October - November 2022

On Saturday mornings, October 29 as part of the Indian Summers festival, November 5, November 19, and December 3, Les Ateliers de La Madeleine organize breakfasts & visits to artist studios open to all: email invitations + communication on the social networks of Ateliers de La Madeleine, Eugénie Lefebvre – staff, and artists in residence.



October - December 2022

Les Ateliers de La Madeleine invited two artists in residence,Georgina Maxim (textile artist – Zimbabwe)

AndClemence Vazard (multidisciplinary artist – France) between October and December 2022.

The principle of the residence: develop a project linked to the Arles region & Provençal - this can take various forms: working with raw materials or local know-how; a project which is based on a history, a culture, a custom, an ecosystem, a community specific to the city of Arles and its environment, etc.;

Georgina Maxim

For his residency at the Ateliers de La Madeleine, the artist is interested in the know-how of the region and more specifically in the costume of the Arlésienne, authentic Provençal fabrics and Merino wool from Arles.

Drawing her raw materials in particular from donations of clothes and accessories from residents of Arles, finds at Emmaüs, the Ressourcerie and thrift stores in Arles, and the wonders of Café Couture, Georgina Maxim comes, through her compositions, weaving together stories anchored and connected by the same territory.


Georgina Maxim's residency at the Ateliers de La Madeleine was supported, beyond the Ateliers de La Madeleine, by the French Embassy in Zimbabwe and the 31Project gallery.

Artist's website:

IMG_3829 2.heic

Clemence Vazard

For her residency at the Ateliers de La Madeleine, Clémence Vazard focused both on local textile know-how, and on the legend surrounding Saint Sara, the patroness of the Gypsies, venerated by the entire Gypsy community twice per year in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer.


She thus developed an artistic composition in three parts where the artist unfolds and unfolds the intimate story of Esmeralda, a leading Camargue gypsy within her community, and establishes her as an icon, echoing Sara. Starting from the documentation of his encounter with his subject in its most sincere truth, Vazard gradually makes a shift. That of the real towards the fantasized, where the narrator and the devoted Saint become one. That of the image to the artisanal object where the portrait photo joins the rank of religious icons, where the fabrics and accessories charge with their energies and their experience this historical female figure as complex as fascinating whose myth only endures through oral transmission from his faithful subjects. Like the statuettes and trinkets bearing the image of Saint Sara with which Esmeralda likes to surround herself, Vazard declines her new secular icon in a series of contemporary relics as much inspired by popular folklore, Provençal craftsmanship, as by precious medieval paperoles.

Through his proposal, Vazard operates a syncretism which invites us to go beyond all forms of representation, feminine, spiritual and material, to write in another way a story of women as individual as it is universal.

Artist's website:


Production residency linked to the Arlesian & Provencal territory


As part of the ÉTÉ.S INDIENS​

A collaboration with L’inn.attendue and the Belle.Beau.Arles gallery

Les Ateliers de La Madeleine co-programmed the Voyage en inn.attendue  with the L’Inn.Attendue structure and the Beau.Belle.Arles gallery as part of the Etés Indians 2022 festival.


The project: One night of artistic and culinary residency between Arles and Lunas (Hérault).


For this event which brought together around twenty guests for more than 12 hours, Les Ateliers de La Madeleine invited the artist Clémence Vazard to offer a performance and an in situ exhibition.

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-10 at 15.12.44.jpeg

September 30, 2022

September 2022

Les Ateliers de La Madeleine hosted Taiwanese artist Charwei Tsai in residence for a two-week residency in September 2022.

The artist worked on several works intended to be presented in international exhibitions and fairs over the following year.

Artist's website:


Charwei Tsai - Production Residency

July 2022

Exhibition-Event “Lunch on the grass with Delights of Time"

with Maya Inès Touam

On the occasion of the opening week of the Rencontres de la Photographie d'Arles, and in response to the exhibition

“Photographing from the breath” - Louis Roederer Discovery Prize 2022 presented at the Church of the Brothers Preachers,

Les Ateliers de La Madeleine organized a one-day event on July 6, 22 around a selection of works

by the photographer artist Maya Inès Touam.

The buffet, created by Arlesian chef Anastasia Finders, was itself an ode to the artist’s altarpiece “Délices du Temps”.

Artist's website:

DEJEUNER_Gwénolé Le Gal-28.jpg

Photo credit @ Gwénolé Le Gal

Start of the adventure

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