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La Madeleine Arles project began on a whim from a crazy idea during dinner with friends in February 2021…

"What if we buy a traditional farmhouse in Camargue to host, all year long, visitors and artists-in-residence?"

July 2022, we celebrate the opening of La Madeleine Arles;

A Guesthouse, with five accommodations to host visitors

and an Artist residency programme through our association, whithin which we invite plastic artists, performers, musicians,

painters, graphic designers, screenwriters, photographers, etc. to stay and work.

Our wish is for our hosts to discover the work of artists we love and receive at La Madeleine Arles,

to suggest that they support artistic creation in different ways and, if they would like,

to purchase artworks exhibited in their Guesthouse.

This place also reflects our will to collaborate with inspiring companies

for the bed linen, the bath towels, the soaps, the grocery products, the interior design...

and here again, to make it possible for our guests to go back home with a local organic olive oil can or essential oils bottle.

We have plenty of new ideas and wishes, but we also know La Madeleine Arles is going to build itself

through the impulse of its future hosts, as well as from new encounters and from pleasant surprises we will experience.

This is why we are looking forward to hosting you!


See you soon.

Eugenie & Ludo

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Who are we ?

Eugénie, Ludo, Julien & Rose – and Lune & Tao, The cat and dog :)


We are a family freshly settled in Arles to design this multi-purpose project close to our heart: a living place, a place for relaxation and a place for creation. We have just opened over this summer 2022, full of enthusiasm - and a bit of stage fright, hoping our guests and artists-in-residence will feel good in this place we have thoroughly thought and designed so everything is as comfortable, intuitive, beautiful and convivial as possible.


As for our backgroubds and occupations, Eugénie has created in 2017, within the ad agency BETC, the art space Les Magasins Généraux until Spring 2022 and has just taken over the Chairmanship of the contemporary art festival Le Nouveau Printemps, in Toulouse.

On the other side, Ludo has worked as an Art Director in the ad agency BETC for the last 20 years and keeps on working there, doing roundtrips between Pantin and Arles.

Where are we located?

The Madeleine Arles se holecalf18 rue Henry Dunant in Arles

In the Trinquetaille neighborhood (10/15min walk from the city center of Arles), La Madeleine Arles sits in a quiet and natural environment, nestled between the Rhône River and the Petit Rhône river's arm.


Logo LMA.png

How to come and visit us?

• By bicycle / car / motorbike…

You can park on-site for free.

• By train

Arles train station is within a 20/25 minutes walking distance.

Avignon TGV train station is within a 45 minutes drive.

Nîmes center train station is within a 35 minutes drive.

Nîmes Pont-du-Gard train station is within a 28 minutes drive.

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